Addi & Michal, 2010

“Rabbi Leor Sinai is a caring, intelligent, & insightful person who focuses all of his efforts into making the world a better place. The way in which he accomplishes this is the amazing part — through individual relationships. I have the pleasure of knowing many people in Rabbi Sinai’s life, and I believe that each and every one has been changed for the better, in one way or another simply by having him in their lives. I have used him on a professional level acting as the officiant/Rabbi in marring my wife, both civilly and religiously. I have consulted with him on other personal matters relating to religion and non-religious issues. The only thing I regret is that he now lives in Israel and I don’t get to see him nearly as much as I would like. But he is where he needs to be to do the most good for himself, his family, his friends and colleagues.”

Sharon & Nir 2006

“When it came time to select an officiant for our wedding, Leor was the natural choice. From the very early planning stages, he took an active role and wanted to know everything about how we met and what aspects of our relationship did we want him to reflect upon. He was truly interested in what was important to us. He was able to find the perfect balance between Jewish wedding traditions and blessings and our personal story, while also injecting humor and warmth. Many friends and relatives remarked on how beautiful our ceremony was. Leor was an instrumental part of making our day as special as it was and we’re grateful for his part in helping us start our lives together.”

Gary & Kristina, 2008

“Rabbi Sinai performed the ceremony at our wedding. He was wonderful. Equally important, he took the time to get to know my wife and I before the wedding. We instantly felt at ease with him – he was sincere, caring, a great listener, and very knowledgeable. My wife and I consider Rabbi Sinai a friend and confidant and we wish he was back in NYC!”

Laura & Andrew, 2008

In our search for a rabbi for our wedding my husband and I “interviewed” a number of rabbis to marry us – neither of us had been members of a synagogue in NYC but the choice and decision of who we were comfortable with was of utmost importance (we didn’t want “just anyone”).  We were lucky enough to be introduced to Rabbi Sinai and after our initial meeting it was clear that there was something special about him that appealed to us on all levels – personal, religious, and spiritual. Rabbi Sinai spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in making sure that we were comfortable with his demands and needs as well as his being comfortable with ours.  Andrew spent many hours with Rabbi Sinai learning the Torah portion from the weekend of our wedding so that he could present a D’Var Torah prior to signing the Ketubah.  This, just being one of many things that Rabbi Sinai did to personalize and provide for a meaningful wedding ceremony. While we worked countless hours to make our wedding a special event for our family and friends, Rabbi Sinai was in many respects the “icing on the cake” – his warmth and energy combined with his zest for Judaism was felt by all.

Eran & Tamara, 2004

As soon as we got engaged, we knew we wanted Rabbi Sinai to officiate at our wedding.  Leor brings a special kind of energy with him wherever he goes and in everything he does.  He is warm, kind, intelligent and compassionate, and he eludes these qualities.  When Leor sings, everyone wants to listen.  When Leor speaks, everyone wants to hear him and becomes captivated.  Our wedding was almost 6 years ago, and people are still talking about how beautiful and full of love our chuppah was.  Leor took the time to get to know us as a couple, to understand us and to guide us as we entered our new life together.  Our wedding was traditional and personal.  Leor shared our individual stories and the story of how we came together and how we hoped our future will be.  Our wedding was special and memorable because of Rabbi Sinai and we smile whenever we reflect on it.

Gil & Jessica, 2003

My husband, Gil, and I were planning our wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica when we found ourselves faced with the question of who was going to marry us. We were delighted when Rabbi Sinai informed us that he would absolutely be able to.  He guided us through the whole planning of our ceremony. He made himself available for any questions or concerns we had and was open to all of our wishes and interpretations. Having Rabbi Sinai under our chupa gave us such a sense of comfort and ease. I am wholeheartedly convinced that this would be the case even if we had just met him. He not only brought humor to the ceremony, but also the perfect amount of wisdom and spirituality. It was his first time officiating a wedding, but it was as if it was his 50th. We will be forever grateful to Rabbi Sinai for making our wedding so personal and unforgettable.

Gali and Oded, 2012

עוד מעט חודש עבר מאז החתונה ולא הספקנו להודות לך כיאות. חודש זה מספיק זמן לאסוף את כל המחמאות שקיבלנו על הטקס שערכת. התגובות שקיבלנו היו חיוביות משמחות ומרגשות שהעידו על טקס מיוחד במינו, אפילו מאלו שציפינו להתנגדות מצידם. מקווים שלא תכעס אך מספר הטלפון שלך הועבר לאלו שביקשו.

אז תודה רבה רבה – גלי ועודד , 2012