Rabbi Leor Sinai, co-Executive Director at The Alexander Muss High School in Israel

Originally from New York, Rabbi Leor Sinai made Aliyah, moved with his family to Israel, in June 2011.  Growing up he was involved in NYC’s night life as a club producer and M.C., in 1995 all that changed while he spent the academic year abroad studying at Haifa University in Israel. It was when then Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated that Leor realized there were more important things to life.  He changed his academic concentration and took a detour thereby challenging himself to focus on more important things.  Since then Leor’s professional resume includes experiences in the field of leadership development, organizational advancement and consulting.  Leor was ordained in 2009 at The Jewish Theological Seminary and works passionately to build networks of individuals focused on making our world better.  Leor began his tenure as Executive Director at the international Alexander Muss High School in Israel October 2013.

“While diversity can become a source of divisiveness, it in fact should be a basis for unity. When we demonstrate compassion for others, accountability for our actions, and availability, we reveal the potential that is before us.  Tradition teaches that God dwells within the “Four Amot of Jewish Law” (an Amah is a measurement). While these Amot refer to a specific space in which one is to maintain Jewish practice, my Four Amot includes the four corners of the world.  It is imperative that the world I live in values and welcomes those who wish to be a part of it.”