Spencer’s Bar Mitzvah


We are at dinner now and talking about what a great service you led today. Matthew actually said that he wants to have his bar mitzvah in the USA but to bring you in to lead his service.  My dad mentioned that he would really like to attend the service at your synagogue in Tel Aviv on Saturday morning. Please let me know if he can attend at your congregation.  Also, I will send you our itinerary for the few days we are there to see if we can connect with your family.  Many thanks again for a meaningful and truly memorable day!



March, 2013

Julian’s Bar Mitzvah


“Dear Rabbi, My entire family was so taken by your warmth, intelligence and accessibility. We are still discussing and recounting how wonderful Monday morning was. Julian felt so good not only about his reading, but the way in which you supported, guided and spoke to him. Thank you for helping make such a meaningful event so very special for us- it will undoubtedly be one of the most joyous and memorable days.” (March, 2013)