Klal Yisrael

Community of Israel – provides a common foundation for Jews of different movements, streams, and ethnic backgrounds; when realized, reflects the shared interest and destiny of the Jewish People.

Re’eh – Continuous Revelations

Shalom friends,

This week I had the priviledge of traveling to Poland with a good friend from the age of 5 (or so), Gil Weisblum. His father is a Holocaust survivor. Gil traveled with his family on a trip to Poland 15 years ago and saw “all that was needed to be seen”; his father’s village, the concentration camps, etc… Yet there was one stop he didn’t make, it was to his ancestor’s grave in Ljensk, Rabbi Elimelech Weisblum. Rabbi Elimelech was a Hasidic master, in the 18th century (1717), with a great following and lots of Torah to teach. And so, when Gil told me he was finally making this most meaningful pilgramige back to Poland, to visit this site, I thought this was an opportunity I did not want to miss. Continue reading