Lecture Series

Lecture topics include:

  • The Israel Continuum: What should happen before and after your Israel experience
  • The source of Isra-el: for you have struggled with Gd and with men, and have prevailed
  • Life in Israel – The dual citizen
  • Israel – Diaspora Relations
  • A Jewish Lens from Time Immemorial
    • The Priests vs. The Rabbis
    • How Priestly Israelitism became Rabbinic Judaism and where it is headed next
  • The Modern Day Challenge of Zionism: from idealism to realism
  • The Kingdom of Israel vs. the Kingdom of Judah
    • A case of mistaken identity – The Jewish People vs. The People of Israel
  • Tikun Israel vs. Tikun Olam
  • Tikun Olam and Reality – Bridging the world as it is to the world as it should be
Leor lectures
Leor lectures